Public Speaking, Seminars & Workshops


Latinos / Hispanics, Cultural Fluency, Diversity

  • Beyond Salsa Dancing, Sombreros and Empanadas: Latin America's Cultural Wealth

  • Translating Hispanic / Latino Cultures

  • How to Best Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Who Is Missing at the Table?: Creating an Institutional Culture of Diversity and Inclusiveness

  • Don Quixote in the Boardroom: Hispanic / Latino Culture, a Toolbox for Business Success

  • Latinos in the United States: Challenges and Opportunities in the Twenty First Century

  • The Art and Diplomacy of Haggling: Lessons in Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Our "Weaknesses" Are Our Strengths: A Closer Look at Hispanic / Latino Culture

  • Demographic Transformations and Latino Politics in the United States

  • Reaching Hispanic / Latino Consumers, Job Candidates, Donors, and Voters

  • Toward a Global Culture?: Not Quite Yet

  • Ten Defining Characteristics of Hispanic Culture

  • Diversifying the Workplace: It Makes Business Sense and Is the Right Thing to Do

  • A Latino in the US Academy: Wounds and Medals from the Battlefields

  • Orlando, Florida, the Puerto Rican Frontier

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  • I Never Left the Classroom; and You Shouldn't Either

  • They Are Counting on Your Ignorance. Read! Think! Disappoint Them!

  • The Thin Line between What We Call Success and Failure


  • Many People Wish they Could Sit at Your Desk. Be Grateful and Make the Best of that Opportunity

  • A Toolbox for Student Success

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Contemporary Caribbean and Latin America

  • Recent Changes in US-Cuba Relations 

  • Puerto Rico Before-and-after Hurricane María

  • Revolutionary Cuba: A History

  • Sugar and Revolution: Cuba, 1952-2016

  • Sixteen Threads in the Labyrinth of Cuban Culture

  • Cuba: A History in Fifteen Photographs

  • Cuba in the Twenty First Century

  • Perplexing Puerto Rico

  • A Historical Perspective on Prospects for a Post-Castro Cuba

  • The Longest Ninety Miles: Cuban Migration to South Florida since 1959 

  • Puerto Rico's Political Status in Historical Perspective

  • Puerto Rico in Forty Minutes

  • Ten Keys to the Caribbean 

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Education / Pedagogy

  • Reading Across the Curriculum

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of the Modern University

  • Twelve Keys to Successful Teaching / Learning 

  • We Are in It Together: Dialogue and Collaboration between Historians and History Teachers 

  • "C" Students, Children with ADHD, and the Class Clown: Why We Need them in Every Classroom

  • Let's Start from Scratch: A Blueprint for a Twenty-First-Century Model School of Education

  • We Need Poets More than Ever: The Critical Importance of the Arts and Humanities from Pre-K to College 

  • What If...?: Out-of-the-box Reflections on How to Improve Our Education System 

  • "I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand": Visual and Participatory Methods for Teaching and Learning 

  • Integrating Latin American and Caribbean History into the Curriculum 

  • Windows to the Past: Using Texts, Artifacts, and Captured Moments in the Classroom


  • Why Did I Become a Historian 

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History and Culture: Cuba, Puerto Rico

  • Cast in Bronze and Chiseled out of Stone: The Story of the Caribbean as Told by Its Statues

  • Key to the New World: Early Colonial Cuba
  • Three Crops that Transformed the Caribbean: Sugar, Tobacco, and Coffee
  • Divergent Patterns of Political Culture in the Twentieth-Century Hispanic Caribbean

  • In the Plantation's Own Image: Puerto Rico's First Protestant Congregations,1868-1898

  • Ten Historiographical Keys to the Caribbean

  • The American Mediterranean during the American Century

  • Puerto Rico in the Whirlwind of 1898: Conflict, Continuity, and Change

  • Life in a Male City: Women in Nineteenth-Century Havana

  • Caudillos, Annexationism, and the Rivalry between Empires in the Dominican Republic, 1844-1878
  • The Formation of Creole Cuba, 1525-1607
  • Geography, Will It Absolve Cuba?

  • Far Worse than Slaves: Emancipados in Nineteenth-Century Cuba

  • History Meets Literature in Latin America and the Caribbean

  • A History of the Caribbean in Fifteen Pictures

  • Beyond La Niña, La Pinta, and La Santa María: The Mental Mapping and Invention of a New World 

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